Recycling With Re-Centre Helps You Support Your Community!

Thanks to a partnership with the United Way (Greater Moncton and Southeastern New Brunswick), an online donation button is available in the Re-Centre online account payment options. You can thus choose to donate money from your Re-Centre account to your favourite charity.

When you recycle with Re-Centre, you can feel good not only about the positive impact you are having on the environment, but also about the fact that you are supporting your community!

Sign in to your Re-Centre account to make a donation.

Please note that our system only allows you to donate to charities registered with the Canada Revenue Agency. We encourage you to check the Canada Revenue Agency’s Charities Listings to see if your favourite charity is eligible and ensure that you know the official registered name of this charity.

All donations done via the  Re-Centre online account donations option are sent to the United Way, which then arranges payment to the chosen charity, minus a 5% administration fee. Payments are processed by the United Way twice per year: in July and September.

If you request a receipt for tax purposes, this receipt will be issued by the United Way. Your personal information will only be given to the United Way if you request to obtain a receipt. This includes your full name, home address, phone number, and email address. You will not receive solicitation by the United Way.

The charitable donation option is available to Re-Centre members only.