An Innovative Recycling Research Pilot Project



Re-Centre is an innovative recycling research pilot project initiated by Encorp Atlantic Inc.

Beverage product distributors founded Encorp Atlantic Inc. in 1992 as a response to the New Brunswick Beverage Containers Act which established a beverage container deposit/redemption program in New Brunswick.

Encorp provides used beverage container management services to organizations that distribute deposit-bearing beverage containers in New Brunswick. Today, Encorp represents more than 85 non-alcoholic beverage product distributors. Every year, Encorp manages more than 160 million post-consumer non-alcoholic beverage containers in the province.

More than 25 years later since the start of the New Brunswick Beverage Containers Program, Encorp has recycled more than 3.5 billion containers and contributed more than $125 million to the New Brunswick Environmental Trust Fund.

Encorp is proud to be a leader in recycling and industry stewardship. Encorp has been able to deliver consistent financial returns to New Brunswick’s Environmental Trust Fund and divert valuable materials from the waste stream while being the lowest-cost-per-unit managed beverage container program (Canadian Recycling Affiliates) in Canada.

Since October 1, 2017, the Re-Centre pilot project has entered Phase 2, which is set to run until March 31, 2019. Encorp Atlantic is collaborating with a local redemption centre, Valley Redemption Centre, to see how well the Re-Centre model performs in a real-time redemption centre environment, collect missing data and fine-tune some of its components. Valley Redemption Centre is responsible for daily operations of the two Re-Centre depots. Encorp manages communications, member services, and member accounts.